When it starts to get cold outside, Winter Tires are the best choice!

Oct 8th, 2014 0 Comments

It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier, and there is crispness to the autumn air.

So it is getting colder, what does that have to do with tires? Most cars are typically fitted with all-season tires. All season tires, what a misnomer, that is like saying your running shoes are perfect in cold, snowy weather. As in shoes, tires work the same way. There is no question as to the superiority of winter tires once the temperature dips below 45F (7C). It has to do with the rubber compound that makes up the composition of the tire. All Season tires typically begin to lose their elasticity the colder it gets. Notice I haven’t even began to discuss winter tires superiority under conditions that involve snow & ice. Dedicated winter tires on the other hand maintain their elasticity in much colder conditions, thus increasing the traction they provide under cold weather conditions due to the softer compound. However, if you were to run these winter tires in the summer months, you would notice increase wear and greatly reduce the life of the tire.

There is no question that winter tires, with their softer compound, and along with tread design provide superior performance in winter conditions, including and especially situations that involve snow & ice. One of the most prevalent misconceptions involves AWD cars. Generally people tend to think that due to the fact that they have 4WD or AWD that they don’t need winter tires. On ice or snow, physics dictates and just as a RWD or FWD car, 4WD or AWD cars can easily break traction. Once the weather gets bad, you usually always see an SUV in a ditch.

Well anyways, I believe I have gone on long enough extolling the virtues and general common sense it makes to have winter tires when the weather turns cold. You know the old saying, “Safety first!”

Click on this link for a great article from Tire Rack comparing all-season v. winter tires.



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