For Car Owners

Who uses this site?

Anyone who has a car repair or maintenance need.

How do car owners submit repair requests?

Car owners can enter a repair request by clicking 'Register' in the top menu or by filling the form on the home page.

Do car owners pay any fees to FixYourCarForLess?

FixYourCarForLess does not charge any fees to car owners. Car owners only pay a fee to the mechanic once the work requested is completed.

Does FixYourCarForLess have any fee sharing arrangements with mechanics?

FixYourCarForLess does not have any fee sharing arrangements with mechanics.

Does FixYourCarForLess warranty or guarantee any work conducted by mechanics?

FixYourCarForLess does not make any representations as to any warranties or guarantees to any labor, or parts, as utilized by mechanics. It is the sole responsibility of the car owner to determine directly from the mechanics the exact warranties, representations and guarantees being offered. Additionally each contract for repair should be in writing, expressly indicating the scope of work provided, as well as all warranties and representations as provided by the mechanics.

What is the time frame for estimates being placed on repair requests?

Car owners set the time frame during which mechanics need to place their estimates. Estimates may only be accepted by a car owner when the time frame has ended.

What if the car repair problem has not been preliminarily diagnosed?

FixYourCarForLess understands that in some instances car owners may be seeking estimates for routine maintenance issues. However, in those instances when the repairs are not routine, it is in the car owners’ best interest to have the issue preliminarily diagnosed. Having this information will allow the car owner to provide the most detailed information when submitting a repair request and obtain the most competitive estimates.

Do the mechanics see the car owner's personal information?

Mechanics only see the name and email address of the car owner once their estimate has been accepted.

When does the car owner pay the mechanic?

Car owners only pay mechanics once they have completed a repair. Car owners are never asked by FixYourCarForLess to provide any payment information.

Can car owners prescreen the mechanics before a estimate is accepted?

Car owners will be provided with shop locations and reviews of mechanics as estimates are placed.

Are all mechanics certified on FixYourCarForLess?

FixYourCarForless does not certify mechanics. Mechanics must be certified in accordance with the laws of their respective jurisdiction in which they conduct auto repair. Car owners should determine the mechanic's certification status during the pre-screening process and/or when they meet the mechanic and request proof of said certification status.

For Mechanics

Does FixYourCarForLess require each mechanic to be certified?

FixYourCarForLess requires that each mechanic registered be accredited and certified pursuant to the laws of their respective jurisdiction.

How can FixYourCarForLess help mechanics increase their business?

FixYourCarForLess does not guarantee that mechanics will increase their business. However, mechanics have the opportunity to estimate on repair requests and grow their customer base by providing expert repair work and excellent customer service.

Is there a sign-up or subscription fee?

FixYourCarForLess does not charge a fee to mechanics.

Does the car owner have to accept a mechanic’s estimate?

Car owners are under no obligation to accept a mechanic’s estimate.

Does FixYourCarForLess guarantee that a car owner shall contact a mechanic after accepting their estimate?

FixYourCarForLess makes no warranties or representations that the car owner shall contact, meet or schedule an appointment with any mechanic after accepting their estimate.

Does FixYourCarForLess receive any fees or membership dues from car owner members?

FixYourCarForLess does not receive any fees or membership dues from car owner members.